The ultimate tool for examine patient with after-effect of stroke (apoplexia)

Therese Vitthøfft Dahl, CURRICULUM VITAE





1990 Occupational therapist

 Further and special Education

2007-2008 Postgraduate course of basic science methodology at UCSF ending with examination and description of project. (Content: Science theory, research processing, types of research, basic statistics, literature searching, qualitative and quantitative research methods, implementing, arranging and publishing. (Corresponding to 10.5 ECTS points).
2004-2005 Leadership training/course at Hvidovre Hospital (strategic leadership, personal leadership, management and communication, management of change, results through initiative, individual development plan, project)


Since 15.6 2009 Head of the department of occupational therapy at Glostrup Hospital.
01.09.2008 – 15.6 2009 Head of occupational therapy (O.T.) department, geriatric and medical.
2002 (7 weeks) Acting head occupational therapist at Hvidovre Hospital.
01.10.00 – 15.6 2009 Head of occupational therapy department at Hvidovre Hospital at the stroke unit.
01.04.1994-30.09.2000 Instructor of O.T. at Roskilde Amtssygehus. (During this period 2 adoption leaves and parenting leaves were taken). Assignments: Responsibility for O.T.students practice and supervision of same. Guidance and teaching part time and full time evaluation of the students.
01.01.91-01.04.94 O.T. at Roskilde Amtssygehus. Patient clientele: Apoplexy, cranial traumas, M.S., Parkinson, geriatrics, dementia, medical, R.A. and some orthopaedic surgery.
1990 (1.5 months) Untrained substitute for O.T.s at the O.T. department at Roskilde Amtssygehus.
1989-1990 Assistant nurse, substitute at nursing home, Grøndalshjemmet, Haslev.

More extensive courses (courses of 3 days duration and more)

2007-2008 UCSF and project description.
2007 (3 days) Basic course in research methods. HH
2006 April Stroke convention at Gothenburg (3 days). “Evidence for stroke rehabilitation- bringing into the future”.
2005 (4 days) Basic evidence practice by Carsten Juhl and Hans Lund. HH.
2004-2005 Leadership training/course at HH (strategic leadership, personal leadership, management and communication, management of change, results through initiative, individual development plan, project).
2003 (3 days) NLP Enneagramme, The NLP house.
2002 (3 weeks) Bobath 3 weeks basic course by Bobath Instructor Anne Brown. HH.
2001 (3 days) The perspective of activity in occupational therapy by Jytte Tjørnov. HH.
2001 (5 days) Basic course of  FOTT by Barbara Elferich and Doris Muller-Woite. O.T. Association.
2001 (3 days) EDB course of Word at the EDB department at HH
1999 (1 week) Interdisciplinary pedagogical adult course by, among others, Marion Hansen, Roskilde Amtssygehus.
1999 (3 days) Shoulder course by, among others Per Lind Valden, Poul Kristensen, Lisbeth Kem Hansen and Lars Remvig, Roskilde Amtssygehus.
1997 (3 weeks) In-service training for O.T. Roskilde Amtssygehus.
1997 (2 weeks) Pedagogical methods and supervision for instructors. Næstved O.T.school.
1995 (3 days) The Necessary Practice APU.
1994 (5 days) AMPS by Ann Fischer. O.T. Association.
1993 (3 days) Assertion. Roskilde Amtssygehus
1991 (5 days) A-ONE by Gudrun Amadottir, O.T. Association

Courses (courses of less than 3 days duration, theme days,etc.:

2008 (1 day) Introduction to Enabling occupation II and the fourth version of COPM, at University College Sjælland.
2005 (2,5 days) With adjacent auditory assignment: Audit course for health professional staff. HH.
2005 (1 day) O.T. professional convention about evidence, documentation etc. O.T. Association
2005 (1 day) O.T. professional conference “Where are we heading” about Canadian material, documentation and evidence. KBH OT school.
2004 (1 day) Cognitive rehabilitation – Neuro-educational nationwide conference by Barbara Wilson, neuro-psychologist.
2004 (½ day) Treatment strategies for hand oedemas.
2003 (1 day) Focus on the stroke patient- interdisciplinary co-operation. Dansk Selskab for apopleksi (Danish association for stroke).
2002 (1 day) The perspective of activity for the stroke patient by Birgitte Christensen. H.H.
2002 (2 days) Course on competence development for managing staff. Physio- and O.T. HH.
2002 (1 day) Theme day on spasticity. Knowledge Centre for Brain Damage
2001 (9 hours) Word 97, level 1 at EDB department at HH
2001 (½ day) Web mail at EDB department at HH
2001 (2 days) Course on ADL as core performance of O.T. by Eva Wæhrens. HH.
2000 (1 day) Theme day on ICIDH-2. Knowledge Centre for Brain Injury
1999 (1 day) Interdisciplinarity by Keld Fredens, Roskilde Amtssygehus.
1999 (1 day) The many intelligences by Kjeld Fredens,  O.T. Association
1997 (2 days) The Johnstone Approach to Stroke Rehabilitation by Dorothy Fraser and Anne-Marie Verstraeten. Vordingborg Sygehus.
1996 (2 days) Seminar on Movement Science. O.T. Association.
1996 (2 days) Latest treatment theories of neurological patients. O.T. Association.
1995 (2 days) AMPS course on recalibrating The Danish O.T. Association.
1994 (2 days) Natural Movement by Mary Lynch. O.T. Association.
1992 (2 days) Dance/movement therapy in rehabilitation by Cynthia Berrol, Centre for Brain Damage
1989 (2 days) Widened integration of senses. Næstved O.T. School.
1988 (1 day) Introduction to Halliwick swimming by Gudrun Gjessing, Næstved O.T. school.

Professional Activities 

2008-2009 Compilation on clinical guidelines for 1st occupational therapeutic evaluation of stroke patients for O.T.s in Denmark.
2007 External valuation of schedule for stroke patients APUS.
2006 Internal valuation of schedule  for stroke patients performed and revised by APUS
2005 Member of the National indicator group concerning apoplexy.
2003-2004 Revision of examination schedule/tool of stroke patients with the four co-writer
2005 Valuation of same examination tool
2001 Compilation of an examination diagramme for stroke patients – a foundation for the occupational therapeutic work, together with four other O.T.s. Published November 2001.
  Member of LFG Post Brain Injured. O.T. Association.
  Member of LFG Canadian Model. O.T. Association.
  Member of Knowledge Centre for Brain Injuries
2004 Member of Danish Society of stroke.
2000 Member of Hjernesagen (The Brain Course).

Introduction, training, Staff training,(Approval of functions)

August 2009 basic treatment of cardiac arrest.
2009 Hand hygiejne
13.08.08 Hand hygiene
21.03.06 Fire instruction
15.12.05 Basic treatment of cardiac arrest.


  Participation in interdisciplinary leader group on geriatrics.
2007 Member of the interdisciplinary apoplexy sub-group under the Health Professional Council in the Capitol region including participation of sub-groups concerning NIP, dysfagi and nutrition.
2007 Participation in working group concerning SFI/neurology for occupational therapeutic journal content.
2006 Member of follow-up group concerning project: “Rehabilitation across sector boundaries”. Commenced October 2006
2006 Participation of validation of the ICF core sets from stroke from the perspective of occupational therapists worldwide. Repr. Denmark
2005 Lecture for relatives concerning cognitive dysfunctions. Hjernesagen 13.10.05.
2005 Member of H:S  stroke group for O.T.
  Member of the department management of the stroke department. Consists of the 3 chief physicians. 2 department nurses, phys. dpt. and O.T. dpt.
2005 Participation in work group concerning day hospital and out-patient treatment for stroke patients.
2005 Been member of the employment committee for the neuro-psychology position.
2001-2003 Member of the work group concerning teaching of the ABC concept to all personnel at the stroke unit.